Case for use with a portable radio station Argut A-36. When installing 3500 ma / h batteries, the battery life is almost doubled! On the case there is a marking of the polarity of the installation of the elements, be careful when installing the batteries, in order to avoid damage to the radio station! In this case, there is no light indication of incorrect battery installation. Together with the case, it is possible to use only unprotected lithium batteries of the 18650 format. The case does not have protection against overdischarge of lithium cells, like the standard battery, but the radio station electronics correctly monitors the state of the battery. The batteries are charged in an external charger. It is recommended to use batteries of the same capacity (preferably directly from the same batch) in pairs and not mix them with others. In this case, uniform degradation of the batteries in the pair will allow their full capacity to be used. The standard bracket "fits as expected", no additional spacers or modifications are required.