Case for use with Yaesu FT-70DR portable radio station. When installing 3500 ma / h batteries, the battery life is almost doubled! On the body there is a marking of the polarity of the installation of the elements, but if you suddenly install them "upside down", the glow of the red LED will signal you about a violation. Never install a case with a glowing red LED on the radio station, it can lead to its failure! Only unprotected lithium batteries of the 18650 format can be used with the case. The case has no protection against overdischarge of lithium cells, so you must monitor the discharge process yourself. the minimum voltage on the battery, which does not lead to cell degradation, is 5 volts. Despite the already quite long production period of this case, there was no understanding of whether the radio station will turn off when the batteries are discharged. It is disabled for some users, but not for others. For operational control of the battery voltage, press and hold the "F" key, the previously selected item of the setup menu will be displayed, rotate the "DIAL" knob to the 12th item of the "DC VLT" menu. Press "PTT". The batteries are charged in an external charger. The built-in radio will not be able to charge the batteries in the case. It is recommended to use batteries of the same capacity (preferably directly from the same batch) in pairs and not mix them with others. In this case, uniform degradation of the batteries in the pair will allow their full capacity to be used.

The belt clip works normally; no modifications are required to install it. The radio station with this case quite comfortably "sits" in its native case from Yaesu. At the moment, the production of sealing gum has not been established, but you can rearrange the gum from the branded battery.